Spring is here: four reasons to enjoy this season

There is something thoroughly refreshing about spring and the way in which the cold and dreary winter weather begins to slowly fade away as the days to stretch for longer. All of the negative feelings associated with commuting to and from work in the dark through the autumn and winter months are banished. Nature takes a deep breath, and starts all over again. (Please excuse my melodrama here – I’m not a huge fan of winter and relish the onset of spring.)

I would recommend getting outside at this time of year, whether that be into the garden or your nearest park. As nature wakes up from the long winter sleep, there’s a lot to take in.


Blossom trees really are a sight to behold aren’t they? In Britain they frequent village greens, parks and front gardens in abundance. When I was a child there was a line of pink blossom tress outside my primary school – after a particularly windy day, or near the end of the season, the blossom would fall (or be blown) to the ground, giving the effect of light-pink snow. We would then scoop it up in clumps and throw it at one another as if we were in a snowball fight. The poor hay fever sufferers always retreated inside hastily at this point to avoid streaming eyes and runny noses.

blossom tree

Buds and flowers on trees and shrubs

When I potter around my small back yard, or walk around my local park, I love to look for the small details. During spring, buds appear all over the place as the trees recover from their winter baldness. For me, there’s something lovely about this new life, and I can often be caught stopping to look the buds on a low-hanging branch or generic-looking shrub. The laurel in my garden sprouted tiny little burgundy flowers a few weeks ago – each one smaller than a 5 pence coin, but lovely nonetheless.


Tulips, daffodils, and other spring flowers

The flowers of spring must be the jolliest of the botanical world. Before this year, I don’t think I noticed before just how many different types of daffodils (narcissus) there are – a quick google has told me that there are at least 25 different species. Tulips, likewise, with their large silky petals are wonderfully cheery. They seem to come in a never-ending array of colours too.


Crisp, clear, weather

Sunshine, blue skies, and slightly-chilly temperatures. This sums up spring to me. It’s warm in the sun, and cold in the shade, but crisp and totally refreshing. Setting aside those pesky sporadic April showers, this is a great time of year to get out of doors.

sky blossoms


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