How to paint your own plant pots

I thoroughly recommend a lazy sunday afternoon spent jazzing up some simple terracotta pots that can be used indoors or out. It’s therapeutic, creative, and good fun, all at the same time.

For small, urban gardens or modest balconies, an array of beautiful and stylish pots can make all the difference. Colours, sizes, levels – think about the best way of creating a feast for the eyes.

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for all things crafty – this is where I sourced my ideas below (to follow Tales from an Urban Garden on Pinterest, click here).

Pots 2

The kit

  • Newspaper, or something to cover your work surface.
  • Plain terracotta pots and dishes for them to sit in if your pots are to be used indoors – the pots that I used were 55p each from a nearby garden centre.
  • Paint – I used Ronseal Garden paint, with a view to having pots that could withstand the rain, and opted for three different shades.
  • A paint brush or two – one of them needs to be small if you’re hoping to add in finer details.
  • Masking tape, for defined lines and edges.
  • Something to act as a palette if you’re planning on mixing colours.
  • A pencil.

The method and design

If you’re looking to work off a white background, start with two coats of white paint and leave to dry for a good few hours (preferably overnight). Due to the thickness of the paint, I found that masking tape allowed the colours to bleed and prevented lines and edges from being sharp and defined. In light of this, I would recommend using masking tape and a pencil to draw out your initial designs – remove the tape once lines are drawn in, and try to steady your hand as much as possible during painting! Alternatively, go for edges that are deliberately undefined to create a more rustic look.

Pots 3

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to have a few rough design ideas drawn up so that you’re not working aimlessly. And when it comes to design, less is definitely more. Think ombre (thee shades max), geometric , Scandi and rustic. Resist the temptation to overdo it – if it looks good, then put down the paintbrush and stop. It’s that simple.

And when you’re finished, fill your little pots with beautiful herbs, flowers, succulents, and more. You could even use them as gifts, because we all know that handmade presents are the best presents anyway.


 Happy pot painting.



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